TOOKTOOK is the platform to “lightly throw away” creatives and share them. It is the monophonic language with the meaning of “lightly throw away”.

It is easily available to many common users and TOOKTOOK is creation communication platform that can cause mass adoption to block chain ecosystem.


In a word, modern society is the hyper-connected society. It is the society in which everyone communicates through a huge, rapid network of connections. The network runs through the means of expression of the individual being connected. Expression is no different from creation.
We have noticed the creation and communication that is implemented like that.

Unreasonable Creator Compensation

Many creators are still not receiving adequate compensation at the stage of creation and distribution.

Centrally supplied uniform visual content

Through individual SNS platforms, people use visual emoticons that are available or on sale to represent their emotions. There is no decentralized communication service yet.

Block chain ecosystem without mass adoption

Services that can still be used frequently in everyday life do not exist in the block chain ecosystem.

The mountain is the mountain, and the water is the water.

Everything that exists on the Earth, whether it is a person or an object, has its own presence.

Real Virtue like water

The best virtue is like water. The natural flowing-down water freely changes the form, but the existence of water does not change.

Do nothing but completed

The great man does nothing. He believes people and is not greedy & not stopping the flow. When he waits people, people themselves become righteous, selfish, and act on their own.

– The Tao The Ching –